The DDI Nonprofit Cooperative - DDI
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The DDI Nonprofit Cooperative

DDI is a nonprofit software and technology cooperative that is owned and governed by 501 (c) (3) charitable nonprofit organizations. It is a unique business model that gives us tremendous insight into what it takes to serve nonprofit organizations.


Simply stated, DDI is a ministry partner in every sense of the word. Everything we do is driven by the needs and great ideas of those whom we serve. Sure, DDI follows industry and technology trends but that is secondary to meeting the needs of our clients


Every dollar we earn is used to build, support and enhance the software and services our clients rely on. And we give back to our Patron owners by paying dividends equal to our net income, every year.


The DDI cooperative is a shared resource where each client contributes ideas that lead to innovative information management tools for the benefit of all clients. Our collaborative community approach is what fuels the DDI development engine.


Working with our clients toward a common set of goals comes naturally to DDI. It’s part of our DNA. It’s what we’ve been doing it since 1972.