Online Web Services - DDI
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Online Web Services

DDI Online Web Services creates an online banking experience for your church extension fund borrowers and investors. It is one of the most cost-effective delivery channels available for church extension funds to enhance their customers’ experience. Major features of the DDI Online Web Services solution include:

Branded to Your Website

Real-Time Account Access

Search, View, Print or Download Transaction History

ACH Loan Payment Origination

Administrative Tools to Manage the Customer Experience

Online Statements

3 Levels of Security

Purchase Additional Investments

The administrative functions provide maximum control over customizable online preferences. This interface provides secure access to reports and statistics, allowing a variety of options including website preferences and screen colors.


Account information is always up-to-the-minute to ensure customers see everything that was processed against their accounts. Your organization will save time and money by allowing customers to check their balance, see their statements, view transactions, submit an ACH loan payment or purchase a new investment. Customers can also update their contact information so you are assured of the most current information.


Give your organization a competitive edge with this feature-rich online banking solution. And relieve your staff of the frequent interruptions associated with answering phone calls or email inquiries.


Our secure online banking software is fully compliant with rigorous AICPA SOC audit requirements.
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