Workflow Process Management - DDI
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Workflow Process Management

We all know how challenging it can be to keep track of the many things people need to do in a complex business. What needs to be done to keep your business flowing smoothly and, more importantly, who needs to do it? While not all business processes require a formal or structured approach, there are primary processes that do require a well-defined and predictable approach. The DDI Workflow Process Management solution gives you the power to:

  • Standardize Business Processes
  • Apply Standard Templates to Specific Processes
  • Assign Process Steps to Any User
  • Modify Process Steps
  • Monitor Process Status
  • Create Unlimited Note and File Attachments
  • Create Reliable Audit Trails


The DDI-Connect™ Workflow Process Management tool lets you create standardized templates for your most important processes and then apply them to the everyday work that needs to be done. It is an excellent tool train new employees or help seasoned employees with their work.


Whether your processes involve donor development, acquiring new investors, managing the complexities of loan applications, financial closings or preparing for a financial audit, DDI-Connect™ Workflow Process Management can handle it. Steps can be assigned to any staff person regardless of their functional role and tracked by the person responsible for getting work completed.


Assigned personnel can see their to-do items and take the appropriate action, completing the step so the next person knows they can work on their tasks. As work progresses, users can add notes to specific tasks and even attach documents of what was accomplished.


Workflow Process Management is an amazing tool to help avoid delays or missed steps without continually checking on the status.


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