Who We Are - DDI
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Who We Are

We are a nonprofit software and technology cooperative focused on creating, supplying, and supporting innovative information management tools to partner in the missions of our clients. As a nonprofit organization, we possesses a deep knowledge of how nonprofits must function to succeed, and the ability to provide the mission-critical tools and processes needed for those we serve to achieve their goals and purpose.

Our Mission

To serve and partner alongside nonprofit mission-focused organizations to deliver quality technology solutions to meet current and emerging needs, allowing their focus to remain on their core purpose.

Our Vision

To expand our presence in the nonprofit market as the most innovative solutions and service provider. To become a trusted partner, allowing our clients the freedom to focus on areas that help them grow and prosper. To generate additional sources of revenue to fund Patron cost reductions, deliver superior service, and continue developing and introducing more competitive products and service lines that keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Values

A strong dedication to building and fostering relationships, leading to long-lasting partnerships with individuals and organizations

A powerful aspiration to be the most valued technology provider to nonprofit organizations

A continuing commitment to sustaining appropriate and secure technology solutions and providing ongoing support

A purposeful endeavor to encourage creativity and innovation in the application of systems and technologies


DDI is the oldest continually operating software company in the world! Since 1972, we’ve consistently delivered real world, effective solutions for the every day, often complex challenges of running a nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit ourselves, we’ve faced the same scenarios and situations your group faces, giving us unique insight into the daily realities of running and managing a nonprofit organization smoothly. We put that first-hand knowledge to good use by sharing our experiences to the full benefit of those who work with us.


Many of our competitors force you to choose between functionality and performance, and the costs and support you can afford. We’ve built an enduring reputation as technology innovators who deliver on promises and make cost-effective, practical solutions a reality for our clients. We became an industry leader by setting a standard that truly puts the customer first by creating flexible strategies that get our clients what they want, need, and can afford. More than just lip service, our rich history tells the story of our deep commitment to long-lasting partnerships and our promise of unparalleled service.


In keeping with our goal to constantly create strategies that benefit our clients, a new cooperative venture has emerged that allows DDI clients to be patrons, as well as active participants in the business of the corporation. This has opened up an opportunity for nonprofit organizations with similar interests to share the cost of using existing and emerging technologies. The talent and professional training of DDI staff combined with the appropriate tools results in the development of high-quality products at the lowest possible cost for those who partner with us. This unique partnership creates a collaborative climate that keeps us aligned with our client/partners, allowing us to reflect and share the values that create an effective balance of stewardship and service.

We can become a true partner to your nonprofit organization