How We Do It - Creating Nonprofit Organization Solutions
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How We Do It

We become a true partner to nonprofit organizations by listening carefully to what they tell us.
That allows us to develop strong and informed insight into the challenges and obstacles being faced. We maintain open communication at all times, allowing us to keep our finger on the pulse of daily operations so we can address and adjust for evolving needs.

Most importantly, we keep our promises.


Ongoing technical support of 100% of the programs implemented

24/7 remote access for processing transactions and generating reports

Simple access via a secure internet connection

Cloud-based IT management and hosting – no installation and no updates required

State-of-the-art data center staffed by highly skilled technicians who continually monitor the technical infrastructure and manage the system environment to ensure data is secure and assets are protected

24/7 disaster recovery protection

An extremely flexible model allowing clients to have complete control

Visibility into how your organization is functioning at all levels, at all times through a real-time digital dashboard

Industry leading SOC 2 Compliance


Instead of looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we are simply real partners. Because we are a nonprofit, we are able to create and customize products and services offered exclusively to the nonprofit sector. It’s part of our DNA – it’s what we do!

• Work alongside IT staff

• Make change painless

• Oldest continuously operating software company in the world

• Have insight that benefits our partner organizations

• Offer comprehensive software providing maximum integration

• Your real one-stop shop

• Flexibility for customers through our 60-day written notice contract

• Allow clients to be patrons and also participants in the business of the corporation


Limitless lifetime support – no fees, no expiration


Because DDI stands behind everything we do, our pledge is to make any issue or question about or software or hosting services right. In addition to our limitless lifetime support, we do not charge any fees, and support does not expire or have any restrictions or limitations.  We take care of our customers.


By tracking all client requests via calls, web portal log ins, or emails, we ensure request are promptly logged and assigned. Calls are directed to our support team during normal business hours, and an emergency number is available if calls cannot be answered immediately. Special situations can require a 3-tier approach to send requests to other resources.  When DDI completes a request, the client has an opportunity to test the solution before accepting the resolution.


Clients have no responsibilities regarding maintenance, because DDI hosts all of its software and IT services, releases software updates quarterly, maintains infrastructure components such as servers, storage and network bandwidth, and utilizes redundant power, Internet and environmental controls to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Our support and maintenance includes disaster recovery, business continuance protection, daily backups and also replications of client data.  Consequently, these inclusions will not become void if software is modified, and we assure clients will receive uninterrupted support.

Adaptive Software based on the diverse needs of our clients


Standard software does not always address unique business requirements, so DDI designed modifiable software products. Our custom modifications will receive support and maintenance and also include these primary benefits:

  • Adding Client-Specific Functionality
  • Adapting the Software to Your Operation
  • Integrating DDI Software with Third Party Products
  • Ensuring Continued Support and Maintenance
  • Applying Custom Modifications to All New Releases of DDI Software
  • Making Custom Modifications Are Available to All Clients


DDI approaches custom modifications by evaluating the modification request for feasibility, analyzing the effort, and also giving the client an estimate of what will be done and giving an estimated time frame.


Because we take great care to consider the architectural standards that make DDI-Connect™ a reliable system, we also follow the same rigorous programming, testing and acceptance testing steps to maintain compliance with SOC2 audit standards.


DDI continually improves products by listening to the good ideas and diverse needs of our clients.  As your ministry partner, we also welcome opportunities to address new or changing business requirements.

Helping you meet industry standards


When selecting a software provider and placing your trust in that company’s internal controls, you should always ask for a copy of their current control audit report to ensure they meet industry standards.


Every year, DDI engages the services of an independent audit firm to perform a Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC2), to verify that we are fully compliant with AICPA control audit requirements. In addition, DDI complies with Trust Service Principles related to security, change controls and confidentiality, which have been tested by the audit firm and included in the audit report.


DDI’s first control audit in 2010, then referred to as a SAS70 audit, was granted a 100% compliant score! Because our controls undergo an annual audit, we continue to receive unqualified reports that we comply with every requirement.


To prove the integrity of our controls against such high industry standards, and also to make is possible for our clients to save time and money with their annual audits, we make a copy of our SOC2 audit available upon request.


Want to learn more about our fully integrated system DDI-CONNECT?