The Paperless Office - DDI
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The Paperless Office

One of the incredible benefits of DDI-Connect™ is the ability to attach documents and files to records within the database. This capability is available throughout the DDI-Connect™ system as a way of reducing your dependence on paper files. Major benefits from using the DDI file attachment solution include:

  • Unlimited File Attachments
  • Auto-Load Attachments from External Sources
  • Include Notes and Comments
  • View All Attachments Associated With a Record
  • Reduce Paper Files
  • Save Time With Immediate Access
  • Make Documents Accessible by Others
  • Streamline Your Operation


Many documents and files are needed immediately to support daily business activity or research projects. Having immediate access to those documents can save a tremendous amount of time and effort.


With DDI-Connect™ you get to choose which documents you want attached to database records. Files and documents you want to attach can come from your network or scanned, making it easy to attach unstructured documents such as hand written notes.


And DDI-Connect™ does not impose any limits on the number of file attachments. Over time, you can build an extensive library of attachments to see the entire history of a donor, investor, borrower, constituent, or most any other type of record.


The auto-load feature makes simplifies the process of attaching a large volume of documents to their corresponding records.


File attachments are stored in the DDI-Connect™ database so you are assured they will be backed up and replicated at our primary and secondary data centers.


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