DDI-Connect - DDI
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The Fully Integrated System for Nonprofits

DDI-Connect™ is a fully integrated suite of software applications that connects all aspects of your organization in one database. This comprehensive system provides everything you need to operate your nonprofit securely, efficiently, and with ease. We’ve spent many years developing our software to help you manage virtually every facet of your nonprofit world, addressing the daily details so your focus can remain where it belongs. The system can be tailored to include only what you need, and since the system is fully integrated, you can do and see every function from one spot.


Digital Dashboard

Imagine how much more effective your organization can be if you have all of your critical information available in real time, all in one place at a glance! The DDI Digital Dashboard allows you to quickly view what’s happening, when it’s happening, and all broken out by specific areas of interest.
Digital Dashboard offers an array of features that you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Configure multiple dashboards for different views. Get the big picture view of your organization or drill down into more specific areas to compare information from multiple viewpoints.


• Real time reporting, allowing you to see what is happening minute-by-minute, negating the need to manually run a report or wait for periodic processing to be complete.


• Customizeable for each user role and preference. Individual users can view information pertinent to their role within the organization.

Online Web Services

The Online Web Services platform enables church extension funds and fundraising organizations to leverage today’s most cost-effective delivery channel by establishing a robust, fully branded Internet site. With extensive capabilities, convenience driven clients can access their accounts and conduct self-directed research on demand.